Presale Information

  1. Tickets must be purchased by the Friend or Sponsor whose name is on the membership.
  2. Before you enter into a presale, read all the information carefully. Make sure you know the correct time a presale will begin. It might be 10AM or 12 noon depending on the performer’s preference. The day of the presale, usually Wednesday for sponsors and Thursday for members, can also change.
  3. Know your password and keep it in a safe place. Don’t share it.
  4. DO NOT CALL THE BOX OFFICE IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM. Message Marla Taylor at If necessary she will give you permission to call the Box Office.
  5. Marla will receive messages regarding a presale for two hours from the start of the presale only. With reduced seating it’s strongly suggested you purchase tickets early.

Please remember only the Primary Friend or Sponsor listed with FOSAA is authorized to purchase presale tickets. Presale notices will be sent ONLY to the member’s email on file. We realize that at times presale tickets have been purchased by someone in your house or business on your behalf however it comes with the risk of compromising your personal password. Further, these individuals are often not informed of instructions needed and they contact us for help. It is up to the primary member to fully inform them how to proceed or we cannot assist them.

If the listed member misses the presale or presale date due to work, travel or not checking emails for the presale notices, FOSAA can no longer contact the Box Office the following day to request tickets. Also, once the presale tickets have been purchased FOSAA can no longer contact the Box Office to change or add tickets the day of presales or past the presale date. TicketMaster is open until 10:00 p.m. for presale purchases. We recommend checking the Amp website,, periodically for upcoming shows before presales are announced. If you have not received a presale notice for some time, please do a search to determine if you have overlooked or deleted them. If you find nothing please email Marla at

IMPORTANT: presale notices are sent from or Please add these emails to your contacts. 


  1. Trying to enter a presale on the wrong day or before the presale opens
  2. Not typing their personal password correctly… it is case sensitive
  3. Trying unsuccessfully to use a mobile device instead of a computer. Unless you have successfully used that device before, if you do run into problems we will not be able to help you.

Not seeing your Presale email?

We advise you to check your spam, junk, and marketing folders to make sure the emails are not automatically getting kicked to those folders.

If this is the case simply add us as a contact so we do not end up in those unwanted email folders any longer.

We encourage you to check the Amphitheatre website, daily for new concert announcements.

FOSAA presale announcements and other announcements will be coming from the email: OR

Again, please add both of these emails to your contacts, so that the presale letters will not go to SPAM.